2016 August

STEMteachersNYCs’ Student Interns Make Excellent Observations

STEMteachersNYC hosted 4 full Modeling InstructionTM workshops this summer.  During this time, we also hosted 4 high school interns. This provided us with some unique perspectives about what it is like for students to witness teachers engaged in professional development.  Personally, I was curious to hear what students would pick up on, and what they thought about watching teachers

Harvard Business School Club of New York Volunteers to Help STEMteachersNYC

STEMteachersNYC had an enviable problem. The nonprofit, which is dedicated to cultivating ­ excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teaching and to promoting- self-confidence and success for students, was growing so fast that the group’s part-time volunteer organizers were having a difficult time keeping up.