Making for Makers with 3-D printing

A workshop exploring maker education concepts and strategies – from 3D printing to laser cutting and more.

STEMteachersNYC Interns Help Engage Teachers and Document STEM Learning Experiences

This summer, STEMteachersNYC high school interns Octavia Zhao, Angela Zheng, Wenny Xu, and Tim Li helped to engage our teacher network, and document some of the amazing learning that occured during our STEM workshop series in July and August. This was the third year that we hosted high school interns. This year was an international

Energy, Bonds, and Avoiding Misconceptions in the STEM Classroom

Continuing our popular energy-themed workshops, this workshop explores an energy analysis of mechanical, electrical, and chemical bonds to discover where energy is really stored.

Graph it Out! Make Sense of Data in Math and Science

In this workshop, we will examine an approach to data collection and analysis that students can return to again and again as a process for finding and representing mathematical patterns.

Got Energy? – Telling the Energy Story in Biology

A continuation of our engaging discussion on energy and bonds, this workshop will look specifically into where energy is stored and transferred (how energy is “used”) within the context of biological systems.

A Summer of STEM Activity and Engagement!

Dear Members, We hope you’re having a great break! Here at STEMteachersNYC the summer of 2017 has been transformative — we’ve worked with 189 STEM teachers from across the country and world in physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. This summer we launched a new elementary science initiative: Kid Talk Teacher Talk, saw the continuation of the Computer Modeling