Past Summer Intensive

Introduction to Modeling

Led by Mark Schober and Craig Buszka During this one-week introduction to the principles of Modeling Instruction we’ll introduce you to several aspects of modeling such as facilitating student discourse, the modeling cycle, multiple representations in problem solving, and model-based curriculum design. We will explore these ideas by exploring content from several cross-cutting-concepts such as


Our Middle School Science Modeling workshop will highlight and embed a notably successful method of STEM instruction known as Modeling Instruction™; which is characterized by inquiry-based labs, and classroom discussions based around whiteboarding. Link To MS Science Google Site Click to watch a brief video about the modeling method. Not only will you experience

Modeling Instruction™ in High School Chemistry II

Workshop Leaders: Donghong Sun and Larry Dukerich. This workshop is intended for chemistry teachers who have begun to teach chemistry usingModeling Instruction™, a research-based, reformed pedagogy that is completely aligned with the eight Science & Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards: <> After a debrief of their experiences teaching the core curriculum (units