Past Workshop

Best Practices in HS Biology

This workshop will immerse participants in NGSS and NYS Regents aligned HS biology activities.

Starting the Year Off Right: Powerful Activities for Day 1

Leaders: Seth Guinals-Kupperman and Frank Noschese | A great first day with a new class can set the tone just right for a great year together. This workshop will explore and showcase engaging first-day-of-school activities for science and math teachers. We will consider opportunities and challenges from both student and teacher’s perspective, and have a

Chemistry 1 Modeling

Come learn a fantastic approach known as Modeling InstructionTM and how it can help improve and deepen your students’ understanding of crucial chemistry concepts.

Assessment/Standards-Based Grading

Leaders: Mark Schober and Manjula Nair This three-day workshop will guide you through the steps to set up your classes for standards-based grading.

Kid Talk Teacher Talk

A workshop series exploring best practices in teaching science in grades K-3.

Modeling Leadership

The Modeling InstructionTM Leadership Workshop trains experienced Modeling InstructionTM teachers to lead workshops for other teachers.