Push and Pull: Modeling STEM Strategies for the Early Elementary (K-3) Classroom

This workshop will explore a range of active STEM learning strategies for the early elementary classroom (K-3).

Writing Practice Exam Questions for Physics AP1

Leaders: Jesus Hernandez (Manhattan Center for Science and Math) Zhanna Glazenburg (Croton-Harmon High School) Participants in this workshop will consider how the redesigned Physics AP1 expectations differ from AP Physics B and how that affects the practice questions we use in our classes to help students meet the new expectations.

Particle Models of Matter for Middle School Science/Meteorology

Leader: Mark Schober Mr. Schober will share a sequence of demos and student activities that induce students to develop a particle model of matter to help them understand meteorological concepts, including wind, air pressure, humidity, and phase changes.

Graphical Problem Solving in Physics

Leader: Kelly O’Shea (Little Red Schoolhouse and Elisabeth Irwin High School) Graphical methods for solving problems are elegant, connect to calculus, and support students who typically struggle with strict formulaic problem solving.

NGSS/NYSSLS-aligned Strategies for Mastering the Physics Regents Exam and Beyond

This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to engage in NGSS and NYSSLS-aligned strategies to communicate key concepts and problem-solving approaches for NYS Regents Physics.

Computational Modeling in Physics with Bootstrap/Pyret

This workshop will provide an introduction to the coding program Pyret and explore a framework for teachers to understand how computational thinking can be used as a learning tool in physics.