A STEAMy Introduction – Building to Code with OpenSCAD

Led by​: Justin Gohde Computer Science. Computational Thinking. STEAM. 3D Printing. Engineering. Spatial Reasoning…. Everyone agrees that these 21st Century Skills are vitally important, but how in the world can schools fit all of this “new” content into their already packed curriculum? This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to a promising solution: ​OpenSCAD, an easy-to-use

Meet the STEM Teachers at the Microsoft Store

  Come meet passionate, dedicated teachers who are using a highly effective pedagogy to get students engaged in mastering STEM subjects.   Learn why STEMteachersNYC was recently mentioned by the White House for its professional development programs and how they are helping create a workforce for the 21st Century. Enjoy a drink and some tasty

Explore with Vernier

Join us in the Vernier laboratory for a three-hour exploration of the latest and greatest in probeware and data-collection technology, including our new Go Direct™ wireless sensors.

Evolution + Student Discourse = Student Engagement

Led by: Chris Resch and Glen Stuart Interested in learning how to raise the level of student discourse and reflection in your class? Are you tired of using grades as a motivating factor for promoting engagement? Want to learn some key strategies for getting students of all ability levels interested and engaged in your lesson?

Making and Using Videos in the STEM Classroom – a hands-on workshop

Led by: Lisa Ammirati Need more quality class time with your students? This workshop will share an easy to employ method of making and utilizing instructional videos in the STEM classroom.  These videos can be used to teach skills, review content, and even to model laboratory techniques; thus saving valuable instructional time the classroom for


Workshop Led by: Noah Segal Interested in learning how short videos of physical phenomena can be used to create excellent, authentic learning opportunities in your classroom?  This workshop will explore the various ways Direct Measurement Videos can be integrated into your physics lessons. Direct Measurement Videos are free online resource for physics teachers developed by several award-winning educators. They have