Fernand Brunschwig

Fernand Brunschwig is the President of STEMteachersNYC.

Wendy Hehemann

Wendy Hehemann, I started to work for AMTA while in the MNS program at ASU in 2011-2012. As workshop coordinator, one of my tasks in the leadership training, which I attended myself in 2015 in NYC. Four other Phoenix people attended the LT and in a bar (name??) we started talking with Mark Schober, leader of the training and one of the founders of SLAPT and PhysicsteachersNYC. We made the first steps to creating our own chapter: STEMteachersPHX. I am the executive officer and unofficially the treasurer, as I have access to the bank account.

The first event was an un-conference in January 2016 and each year, we host several Saturday sessions and a full blown conference in 2017. STEMteachersPHX also organized the 2 Biology Modeling Workshops in Arizona. STEMteachersPHX has an active board and is working on our incorporation by the end of 2020.