Led by: Chris Resch and Glen Stuart

Interested in learning how to raise the level of student discourse and reflection in your class? Are you tired of using grades as a motivating factor for promoting engagement? Want to learn some key strategies for getting students of all ability levels interested and engaged in your lesson?  If the answer is yes then join us for a workshop aimed at expanding your toolbox for facilitating student discourse and reflection in any classroom.

This workshop will immerse participants in several NGSS and NYS Regents aligned evolution related activities.  During this workshop, teachers will be able to experience the use of these tools while exploring certain concepts of evolution.  Participants will use FREE computer simulations to explore natural selection and articulate findings using the claim, evidence, reasoning framework as a tool for productive whiteboard conversations.  Additionally, participants will utilize the “conflicting contentions” tool as a way to probe student preconceptions and misconceptions regarding evolutionary ideas.  Finally, participants will be exposed to the use of “Reflective Checklists” as a way of promoting student reflection throughout a unit.   Time permitting, participants will then have the opportunity to start to craft their own tools to bring back to their classroom.  Student examples will also be available for perusal.  So whether you’re a high school biology teacher wanting to learn some great activities to teach evolution or a teacher wanting to learn some notable strategies to improve student discourse than this is the workshop for you.