This summer, STEMteachersNYC introduces the Siegel Family Endowment (SFE) Fellows program to enhance our understanding of professional learning within the STEM teaching community. Supported by the SFE, this initiative seeks to strengthen educator connections through a network built on effective communication and collaboration. Central to this effort are seven SFE Fellows, who will actively participate in workshops, mentor student interns, and tackle a communal challenge to explore teaching’s impact and growth opportunities in the STEM field. They will strategize on enhancing educator connections and learning outcomes. Fellows receive a stipend, free workshop access, and closer interactions with program leaders, enriching their collaborative and networking skills within STEM education. We anticipate valuable insights from our Fellows’ contributions!

Participating in a STEMteachersNYC workshop with a Siegel Family Endowment (SFE) Fellow offers educators the chance to dive into the latest STEM teaching strategies, build connections within a supportive community, and engage with leading innovators in the field. This experience not only enriches your professional development but also empowers you to contribute to the evolution of STEM education. Join us to enhance your teaching practice and impact the future of STEM learning.

Benefits of joining a workshop with a fellow

Cutting-Edge Insights: Participants gain from advanced strategies and practices in STEM education, fostering a richer learning experience.

Community Building: Access to a network of educators for collaborative opportunities and peer support, enhancing the teaching and learning ecosystem.

Mentorship and Multi-Tiered Learning: Exposure to mentorship from experienced educators and insights from emerging STEM teachers enriches participants’ understanding and application of STEM concepts.

Direct Engagement with Innovators: Opportunities to interact with program leaders and innovators in STEM education, offering inspiration and practical teaching strategies.

Professional Growth: Participation in high-quality, professional development sessions subsidized for professional enhancement and networking within the STEM community.

Collaborative Skill Enhancement: Engaging in a collaborative-focused program helps improve essential skills for professional advancement and successful STEM initiatives.

Impactful Contribution: Being part of the workshops means contributing to the evolution of STEM teaching practices, benefiting the wider educational community.

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