STEMteachersNYC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting a community of STEM teachers across the NYC region. Our mission is to cultivate excellence in STEM teaching and to promote deep understanding and success for students through innovative, teacher-led professional development. Our weekend workshops are offered during the school year and multi-week workshop intensives occur in the summer, led by master teachers. We welcome and encourage teachers from across the globe, the US, and the local New York City area!

For teachers, by teachers, about teaching.

STEMteachersNYC is a non-profit type B corporation and 501(c)3 non-profit organization (public charity), EIN: 46-4068881. STEMteachersNYC is a Continuing Teacher and Leader Education provider, registered with the New York State Education Department (CTLE ID# 3385). STEMteachersNYC is also registered as a vendor for the NYC Department of Education (Vendor #: STE-068881). Donations to STEMteachersNYC are tax deductible.

Our Values

» Experimentation
» Collaboration among active practitioners
» Free exchange of ideas
» Supportive, diverse community
» Integration of robust content and pedagogy
» Practical and classroom-ready workshops

» Teachers as active learners
» Attentiveness to student learning experience
» Responsiveness to local teacher interests
» Best practices based on research and classroom experience
» Welcoming to new teachers
» Equitable and inclusive STEM teaching

Our Story

STEMteachersNYC was founded in 2011 by a group of physics teachers as a local affiliate of the American Modeling Teachers Association. The founders and the current coordinators of STEMteachersNYC are almost all teachers who had participated in 3-week summer Modeling Instruction Workshops and adopted Modeling Instruction in their teaching.

STEMteachersNYC is currently almost entirely a volunteer organization, run by teachers, for teachers, about teaching. Under the leadership of Dr. Fernand Brunschwig, it has grown from an initial group of 25 to more than 1,000 teachers who are members of the organization’s on-line professional forum. Program offerings have grown from 8 weekend workshops and a single 3-week intensive summer workshop on mechanics in physics in 2011-12, to 21 weekend workshops and nearly a dozen simultaneous summer workshops. Workshop participants are teachers in public schools, charter schools, and private schools from throughout the NY, NJ and CT metropolitan area. The summer workshops also draw participants from across the country and abroad.

The impact of these workshops is significant. Since 2012, we have presented over 175 workshops that have attracted over 3500 teachers to intensive professional development experiences on their own time on the weekend or in the summer. During 2013-14, STEMteachersNYC adopted by-laws, established a board of trustees, and submitted the application for tax-exempt status. In the 2014-15 academic year, the IRS approved our application for tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) status, and we doubled the number of weekend workshops. Our long-term goal is to reach 25% of the region’s 21,000 STEM teachers and impact over 250,000 students.

Program Reports

Our Approach

STEMteachersNYC programs draw from a teaching methodology known as modeling, which is closely related to Next Generation Science Standards. Modeling is a student-centered approach to teaching that emphasizes the use of scientific models in an interactive learning community. Students are engaged with simple scenarios and learn to model the physical world. The approach engages students in experimentation, data collection and analysis through a set of structured “paradigm” experiments, asks them to represent their understanding using whiteboards, and then deploys the resulting model in analyzing related phenomena. When the models fail to explain what students are seeing, the cycle of experimentation, data collection, and model-making begins again.

Check out this video to learn more about STEMteachersNYC's approach to professional development through modeling science and active learning
Looking to get a better understanding of what STEMteachersNYC workshops are like and how they can impact you and your teaching practices? Check out this 8 min video highlighting how the core idea behind forces and motion (pushing and pulling) is demonstrated to teachers in one of STEMteachersNYC's workshops.

Partners and Support

Board and Staff

STEMteachersNYC Board of Directors (Past and Current). Back Row: Patricia Bauer, Zhanna Glazenburg, Lisa Ammirati, Donghong Sun, Jennifer Herring, Kelly Davison, Howard Spergel, Elizabeth Dowdell, Yi Li. Front Row: Mark Schober, Fernand Brunschwig, Craig Buszka, Seth Guiñals-Kupperman, Chris Kennedy

Board of Directors

Howard Spergel (Midwood High School, Brooklyn), Chair

Patricia Bauer (Marymount School, Manhattan), Past Chair

Zhanna Glazenburg (Croton-Harmon High School, NY), Treasurer

Seth Guinals-Kupperman (Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn), Secretary

Craig Buszka (Montgomery High School, Skillman, NJ), Member-at-Large

Steven Lance (Democracy Prep Charter School, Bronx), Member-at-Large

Elizabeth Dowdell (Urban Assembly Maker Academy, Manhattan), Member-at-Large

Kelly Davison (Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy, Bronx), Member-at-Large

Kerry Kline (Packer Collegiate Institute), Member-at-Large

Juliette Guarino Berg (Poly Prep Country Day School), Member-at-Large

Kelly O’Shea (Elisabeth Irwin High School), Member-at-Large

Ray Eason (J.P. Morgan)

Efrem Sigel (Harvard Business School Club of New York)

Douglas McKenzie

Finance Committee

Ray Eason (Executive Director, JPMorgan)

Zhanna Glazenburg (Founding board member and Treasurer, STEMteachersNYC)

Efrem Sigel (Project Coordinator, The Harvard Business School Club of New York)

Marketing & Development Committee

Michael Barsella (Technology entrepreneur and Business strategist)

Ray Eason (Executive Director, JPMorgan)

Jibreel Lockhart (Market Director, CEB)

Deidre Malacrea (Lehigh University)

Efrem Sigel (Project Coordinator, The Harvard Business School Club of New York)


Fernand Brunschwig, President

Jennifer Herring, VP for Development

Christopher Kennedy, Program Director

Yadana Desmond, Program Manager

Yi Li (Ramaz School), Operations & Research Manager

Karen Walker, Finance Manager and Bookkeeper

Communications, Networking, and Recruitment- Partners

Emily Pontius (Hoboken Public Schools)

John Roeder (Calhoun School and Physics Club of NYC)

Lynda Kennedy (Vice President of Education & Evaluation, Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum)

Gerrie Bay Hall (Director of School & Teacher Programs, Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum)

Ruthie Ousley (Director of STEM, Teach For America)

Lew Malchick (UFT Science Committee and Physics and Chemistry Clubs of NYC)

Andrew Stillman (Chief Product Officer, Amplified IT)