STEMteachersNYC working groups are FREE community spaces for colleagues to come together to share success stories and challenges from their classrooms and to collectively generate solutions. Each working group evolves to meet the goals of its participants. Some meet virtually, some in person, and some alternate between the two. Groups meet at times agreed upon among participants. All groups are co-facilitated by a rotating cadre of teachers. Don’t see a working group you are interested in? Start one!

Week of the MonthWorking GroupTime, Location, Facilitator
First weekEquity LabTuesday
7:00-8:00pm via Zoom
Martina Meijer facilitating teacher
Second weekLiving Environment

Quantum Computing

5:00-6:00pm In-person at DNALC
Allan Powe, Kerry Kline, additional facilitating teachers

Wednesday (Starts Dec 14)
7-8pm via Zoom
Elissa Levy facilitating teacher

Third weekCracking ChemistryMeets twice a month on weekday evenings; RSVP for more information
Pat Bauer facilitating teacher
Fourth/last week of the monthPhysicsThursday
‘Ghare Okobiah facilitating teacher
BimonthlyMultilingual Learners & STEMMeets in person at ILAS/Teachers College; RSVP for more information
Martina Meijer facilitating teacher
Varies by monthMakerSTEMSaturdays, midday, in-person at school and organizational Maker Spaces throughout NYC.
Multiple facilitating teachers and locations

What’s happening in our working groups

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