STEMteachersNYC Equity Lab/K-12 Outreach Program at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Columbia University
How do research, resources, policy and practice intersect to support our MLL learners and their teachers? October 26, 2021. We were a small group of teachers, researchers, and K12 Program coordinators who came together to plant the seed of new collaboration.
Thinking and Drinking Critically: A Unit on New York City’s Water Quality Part 3
Upon learning that many of their water samples may be impure, students are motivated to devise a solution to contaminated drinking water.
Thinking and Drinking Critically: A Unit on New York City’s Water Quality Part 2
To delve deeper into the unit’s driving questions, we start with the concept of pH, or “power of hydrogen.” Students review a graphic illustrating the pH scale and learn that substances can be classified as acidic, neutral, or basic.
Thinking and Drinking Critically: A Unit on New York City’s Water Quality Part 1
The Flint, Michigan water crisis drew national attention to the effects of unsafe drinking water and issues of equity and social justice. It also opened up opportunities for engaging in socio-scientific issues in the science classroom (Ewing and Sadler 2020). Students consume hundreds of gallo
STEMteachersNYC Summer Institute 2022
This summer join teachers from around the world for a dynamic and interactive digital STEM Institute, featuring hands-on virtual workshops, knowledge sharing, and community building across disciplines.
Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Social Justice: Blending Science and Social Awareness in the Fourth Grade Classroom
While the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the media throughout 2020, it may have been easy to forget that other tragedies were occurring in our country as well.
SAMPE Foundation Awards Grant to Support Summer Institute
The SAMPE Foundation awarded STEMteachersNYC with a $5,000 grant to support the 2020 STEM Summer Institute.  The SAMPE Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE).  It promotes education and innovation in materials and processes on a global basis. The Foundation strives to …
Values, Commitments, and Actions
To the members of STEMteachersNYC, This moment of anger and pain in our national consciousness – the latest in a centuries-long history of racism and oppression against Black Americans – underscores the need for all of us to work in every way possible and without ceasing to understand our own …