Applied Panarchy in Environmental Science (HS)

Leaders: Glen Stuart

Dates: July 11-15, 2022 (9:00-3:00pm EDT, via Zoom)

About the Workshop

The Applied Panarchy in Environmental Science (HS) workshop will explore active learning strategies for deepening understanding of crucial concepts in environmental and sustainability science and help effectively implement a student-centered and NGSS aligned approach to science education.

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Participants will engage in thought-provoking, pertinent experiments, and activities that you can utilize in your own classroom. We will spend time observing instruction from the point of view of a student (“student-mode”), and learn strategies to incorporate in their own classroom using the claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) framework, Social Ecological Systems (SES), transdisciplinary thinking, and panarchy as tools to probe student preconceptions. Periodically, participants will switch to “teacher-mode”, to practice Socratic questioning techniques, analyze readings, and discuss the pedagogical rationale for all aspects of active learning and modeling in Environmental Science. We’ll also discuss the use of “Reflective Checklists” as a way of promoting student reflection throughout a unit.

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