Foundations in Student-Centered, Models-Based High School Physics (HS)

Leaders: Paul Feffer


Week 1: July 18-22, 2022 (9:00-3:00pm EDT)

Week 2: July 25-29, 2022 (9:00-3:00pm EDT)

NOTE: Workshop takes place in-person at Brooklyn College.

Participants are welcome to register for Week 1 only OR both Weeks 1 and 2 together. Week 1 will include the pedagogy introduction, scientific methods, 1-D kinematics, and Newton’s Laws, and Week 2 will cover 2-D kinematics, energy, and momentum.

Foundations in Student-Centered, Models-Based Mechanics for High School Physics (HS)

About the Workshop:

Active and pre-service physics teachers, join us this summer to develop your skills and learn ways to engage your students in a student-centered, model-based, curricular approach that will deepen their understanding of core physics concepts.

As a participant, you will observe instruction from a student perspective (“student mode”) as you conduct lab activities that are central to each unit and which are ready for your own classroom. Alternating between student- and teacher-mode, we will discuss the pedagogical rationale behind each activity, and strategies for adapting to various student populations and classroom resources.

This workshop will focus on fundamental physics mechanics concepts including kinematics (constant velocity and uniform acceleration), dynamics (Newton’s Laws), circular motion, and the conserved quantities momentum and energy. The models we will navigate are comprised of descriptive, diagrammatic, graphical, and algebraic representations, which are developed through observation, experimentation, and reflection, and “deployed” through prediction and verification. The constructivist process we will explore encourages student teamwork and active, productive discussion, not just with the teacher, but with fellow classmates.

If you are a pre-service physics teacher, this workshop will help you prepare for your first year teaching an algebra-based intro physics course. If you are an experienced physics teacher accustomed to a traditional textbook/lecture approach, this workshop may give you new ideas for presenting concepts and encouraging a hands-on, collaborative, classroom culture. The materials and techniques in this workshop are applicable to the AP Physics 1 curriculum. The activities emphasize depth over breadth, however, so they do not span the full range topics in the Regents Physics curriculum.

During this workshop, you will receive a copy of classroom-ready curriculum materials that you can modify to your needs and an extensive list of other freely available curriculum resources and ideas.

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