Past Summer Intensive

Introduction to Modeling Instruction

A one-week introduction to the principles of Modeling Instruction.

Electricity & Magnetism Modeling

Teachers will work through coherent model-centered materials for high school electricity and magnetism from a microscopic perspective to develop a deep understanding of content and how to teach it effectively.

Mechanics Modeling (NYS Regents aligned)

Learn a fantastic teaching method known as Modeling Instruction, and how it can help improve and deepen your students’ understanding of crucial concepts in physics.

Modeling Instruction™ in Physics/Mechanics

Workshop Leaders: Paul Bianchi and Zhanna Glazenburg Come learn a fantastic approach known as Modeling Instruction™ and how it can help improve and deepen your students’ understanding of crucial  concepts in physics. This workshop will immerse you in Modeling Instruction™ so that you can develop the skills necessary to implement this student-centered, research-informed, standards-based curricular approach

The Modeling InstructionTM Leadership Workshop

Led by Mark Schober and Craig Buszka The Modeling InstructionTM Leadership Workshop trains experienced Modeling Instruction teachers to lead workshops for other teachers. The Leadership workshop sharpens participants’ understanding of the Modeling philosophy and pedagogy as well as the features of curricula that support the Modeling philosophy. The workshop also develops participants’ skills with tools

Curriculum Development Camp

Led by Mark Schober Come build your Modeling or other Active Engagement teaching skills in a workshop designed to utilize your knowledge and experience. The principal goal of the workshop is to support you in editing or developing Modeling/active engagement-based curricula tailored to your teaching environment and needs. With the support of peers and Modeling experts,