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Empowering great teachers by Bruce Albert (Science Magazine)
What is Modeling Instruction? by Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz
Interactive engagement vs. traditional methods by Richard Hake
Modeling Instruction: An Effective Model for Science Education by Jane Jackson, Larry Dukerich, David Hestenes

Introductory Physics: A Modeling Approach

2nd Edition by Robert Karplus (Edited by Fernand Brunschwig)

Make-n-Take Electrophorus Activity Tutorial

Photoelectric Effect Workshop








Download Introductory Physics

Introductory Physics: A Modeling Approach provides a window through which we can see how a Robert Karplus synthesized his expertise in physics, psychology, and education, and how he built on the innovations generated by the dynamic curriculum and teaching reform projects of the time.

Electronics and Materials

Mouser Electronics — very extensive selection of electronic components, lighting and other materials.  Their prices are especially good for bulk orders.
Jameco Electronics —  electronic components and materials for robotics projects.  Do not miss the workshop tab on their website!  It is full of project ideas, useful videos and other great resources.
All Electronics Corp — electronics & robotics supplies.  Thor prices are very good and they carry some surplus electronic components at very reasonable prices.  When purchasing a small number of items, their prices are often far better than those found on Mouser Electronics.
Electronic Goldmine — one of the web’s best places for surplus electronics & robotics components! From LED panels out of street lights to electronic bug swatter, you never know what you can find on the site! Their prices are some of the best on the web as well.
American Science & Surplus — nice assortment of science, robotics & electronics supplies and equipment at good prices. Reading their item names and descriptions is half the fun.
Adafruit Industries — good source for DIY electronics, Arduino and other kits.
Tayda Electronics — electronic components
All About Circuits