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“Many Paths, Many Sources, Independence, Collaboration”

Routes to Success:

+ Connections across & between grades and subjects

+ Rethinking space (rooftop reading garden; indoor hydroponics)

+ Student directed and managed PBL

+ Sample from multiple resources

+ Build interdisciplinary teacher teams

+ Engage students at the policy level

+ Get outside! Learn with your students!

+ Use design challenges

+ Leverage share CER in both science subjects and humanities

+ Link skills and study to potential careers

+ Teachers following their own interest/inspiration

+ Kids want to be around plants!

Challenges and Questions:

+ Doing all work on your own

+ Issues of PBL management

+ Help writing grants

+ Getting youth input

+ Support for teachers new to growing

+ Path is often a blank slate at school

+ Navigating resources, balancing with core curriculum and pedagogy

+ Students want to DO relevant work

+ Comprehensive list of EE books? (Design better resources on climate?)

+ What is the state of climate education in NYC?

Organizational Perspectives:

+ How to help teachers implement?

+ How to learn from how materials are actually implemented?

+ What do you want or need to know from teachers?

+ How to help get materials into classrooms?