Upcoming Summer Intensive Open

Assessment and Standards-Based Grading in STEM This three-day workshop will guide you through the steps to set up your classes for standards-based grading. We will show you an incremental approach to implementing SBG principles, provide sample learning standards, assessments, and gradebooks, and give you structured time and feedback as you tailor these tools for your own classes. Throughout, we will consider
Unit Planning & Curriculum Development with NGSS In this workshop we will be using all three dimensions of NGSS to design a coherent and conceptual unit plan that will foster enduring understanding of not only content but the big ideas in science. By the end of the workshop you will leave with a completed NGSS-aligned unit plan ready for implementation in your
Computational Thinking & Coding in Physics Computational thinking is the use of computers to simulate and study complex systems. It is widely recognized as an essential skill for the future workforce and success in STEM and is also a perfect tool for the physics classroom. The use of simple programs and simulations with modifiable code allows students to visually and graphically