In this introductory workshop, participants will become familiarized with foundational chemistry topics like how to use the periodic table to predict atomic properties, how to easily model chemical bonding for students, and how to interpret chemical structures to find their function. The goal of the workshop is to provide elementary school teachers with exciting, age-appropriate tools to connect foundational concepts in chemistry to the worlds of biology, materials science, and environmental science. 

The workshop will include animated visualizations, tactile and kinesthetic model building activities, and introduces PyMol, a free molecular modeling software, which can be used to model the 3D structures of enzymes, DNA, and RNA. Activities will build teacher confidence in chemistry, and will be highly engaging to your students. To learn more about this methodology, visit the project website, where you can see videos of the classes in action: https://biochemistryliteracyforkids.com/

October 20, 2019 | 10am – 1pm

Led by​: Daniel Fried

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