Looking for a dynamic way to engage students in the big ideas that underlie evolution?  Help students explore variation, reproduction, selection pressure, and time, while seamlessly introducing and integrating computational thinking! 

In this workshop we explore computational modeling through JavaScript. JavaScript, the language of the web, makes the visualization of ideas and models easy, efficient and powerful. We will use P5 JavaScript which is accessible and usable on essentially every computing device on the planet. P5 promotes student creativity and has a huge, fast-growing user base with many good tutorials and examples – Check out P5.js

During the workshop you will learn to code simulations, facilitate student discussions, and develop student thinking through computational models. Participants try out simple code created to get started with the simulation and develop classroom-ready materials. We focus on a simulation of real time biological evolution as a starting point, and move on to extensions and applications across other science topics. We will provide scaffolded programs, so you can focus on adding (and playing with!) the key science-related code. This approach will help you succeed quickly and learn the syntax gradually. Great for Biology-Technology teams!

Note: All levels of experience with computing are welcome. Both total beginners and experienced programmers will find this workshop valuable, so please JUMP IN!

Led by Josh Rutberg, Greg Benedis-Grab, Joan Fei, Kerry Kline, and Fernand Brunschwig