In this workshop, explore a range of hands-on tools for exploring electricity, circuit design and coding for grades 3 – 6. Work with littleBits experts and educators who have experience using affordable classroom kits to inspire creative engineering design challenges that align to the NGSS. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to use littleBits, a 21st-century STEM/STEAM hardware tool, to create circuits and learn how to create engineering design projects using the littleBits Invention Cycle to draft original lesson plans. The activities will touch on required NYC science standards such as, electricity travels in a closed circuit (4.1e), and some materials transfer energy better than others (heat and electricity) (4.1c). Teachers of all backgrounds and levels are welcome!

Led by: Karen Blumberg, Dave Sharp and Vicki Grisanti

Nov. 16, 2019 | 10am – 1pm