Consilience – “Literally a ‘jumping together’ of knowledge by the linking of facts and fact-based theory across disciplines to create a common groundwork of explanation” E.O. Wilson (Consilience, 1998)

This bi-weekly reading club will explore questions and ideas that embrace the consilience ethos specifically as it relates to sustainability and the environment. Teachers and students are invited to read an excerpt from a scientific paper, book, or article, along with a short story that brings in a humanities perspective to the topic. Each week will bring new readings and questions about new environmental topics but the format will remain the same. Participants can expect to have clarification questions answered about the readings asynchronously throughout the week by the Consilience Coalition team of teachers, before being given a reading/thinking prompt for a touchstone synchronous discussion. Whether you are passionate about the environment as a student or teacher of science, math, English, history, or art, you are welcome to join and offer your unique perspective on the topic each week.

Each weekly packet of Consilience readings and reflection work are student-tested classroom materials that come from 9 years of experience as both a teacher in Montgomery NJ as well as the APES curriculum that can be found on the consilience coalition resource page under the STEMteacherNYC’s website. I have developed this sequence and integrated the readings and reflection work throughout the school year. My students derive the scientific ideas from evidence over the course of an entire unit – and I hope you will get the benefit of reading about it!

Open to all High School Teachers, all subjects – and their students!

Led by Glen Stuart, APES Teacher Montgomery HS and Kerry Kline, Packer Collegiate

January 25th – February 11th (6 meetings, Mondays and Thursdays, 8-9pm EDT)