Note: This workshop will be rescheduled to virtual format, dates to be announced mid-April.

STEMteachersNYC is committed to ensuring our programs and efforts reflect the diverse needs and communities of NYC, and address issues of equity and inclusion. In 2018, our teacher-members came together and formed a Culturally Responsive STEM taskforce to identify strategies for supporting STEM educators around the region, and to ensure our workshops address the principles of cultural responsiveness and inclusion. This workshop will highlight the continued work of the STEMteachersNYC Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) task force. Meeting regularly throughout the school year, the task force has developed and offered workshops on Recognizing Bias in the STEM Classroom, the Underrepresentation of Women in Physics, and on Culturally Responsive Meaning-making: How our Students Decide what’s True. For more information or to join the task force, please email [email protected]

Led by: Sheana Powell and Elissa Levy