Led by Pat Connick, Ph.D.

We know conducting research builds scientific thinking, but do you find it challenging to incorporate authentic experimental design into your already jammed pack curriculum? This workshop will offer some time saving and effective techniques to build more research and experimental design into your high school STEM classroom? Participants will work through and discuss a suggested week-by-week structure of the research program, which will includes steps to develop basic research skills such as: asking testable questions, designing data collection, working through analysis, dealing with “failure”, and communicating results.  The methods presented in this workshop could be used for a biological, physical, chemical, environmental, or mathematical theme, and better yet it can be done in a timeframe that does not overwhelm already busy high school students.  This approach will discuss and share how to engage students in quality data collection methods in particular utilizing Vernier Scientific probeware, so If possible please bring a laptop with Logger Pro already downloaded on it. Participants will walk away with an overview of how to embed experimental design in a effective and efficient manner, plus be provided with some handouts on the implementation structure, and some sample research experiments.