Teacher-Author: Evie Wong (penname Gwynne Love)

Format and Dates: One 1 Hour Session, 10/14/2021 (4:00-5:00pm EDT, via Zoom)


Microtales! A microorganism book talk with teacher-author Evie Wong!

Ever wonder what the world is like from the perspective of pond microorganisms? Microtales: Pond Scum tells the story of thirteen microorganisms as they battle human pollution and climate change, all while playing into the elaborate plan of the almighty Evolution.

Get ready to dive into The Pond. You don’t need a solid background in science, just a nerdy sense of humor and an active imagination. Meet the original CEOs of Chlorophyll Inc. Learn why Cedric is so afraid of not being able to get through the Great Divide. Find out why Montgomery dies from being just a bit too smart. There’s pond scum all around us, get to know them in a fun, non-academic, and not-at-all-serious way.

A blend of science and storytelling, Microtales was written with teachers and students in mind! We will be raffling off signed copies of the book!

Evie Wong taught science for many years at Professional Children’s School in Manhattan. While there she built a research article database and microorganism identifier for students – check out “Science with Evie” https://sciencewithevie.com – and developed the idea for this book!