Workshop Led by: Joe Kremer

Come learn a powerful method to provide your students with personalized and useful feedback. Giving personalized feedback can be challenging and enormously time-consuming, especially when teaching large numbers of students, but setting clear learning targets and using technology can make this process more efficient and effective.

In this BYO-laptop workshop, we will work with spreadsheets, Python code, and YouTube to practice strategies for giving students useful, personalized feedback without spending an entire weekend grading. When assessing clear standards for assignments, spreadsheet data can be easily translated into personalized paragraphs of feedback for students by using a simple Python script. This feedback can then direct students to online videos that support their learning, or translated into a letter grade in a traditional gradebook.

All tech-levels are welcome, but participants must bring a personal laptop. If you haven’t tried coding in Python, follow this link to get suggestions on where to start:

Pizza lunch for all at 1 pm!

Up to 12 teachers paid by NYC DOE can earn compensation at the “per session” hourly rate for this workshop. The first 12 full-time NYC science teachers purchasing NYC DOE tickets are eligible for compensation. Teachers must arrive by 9:30 am to go through security (foto ID required, and picture will be taken) and fill out the required forms. Teachers must bring their DOE “file number.”

Note: Please sign up for ONLY 1 workshop on theMay 15th NOT BOTH. As these two workshops are both 3 hours and run simultaneously from 10am to 1pm in separate rooms at Teachers College.

WHITEBOARDS. If you wish to do so, you can order whiteboards ($5 each plus Eventbrite fee) or T-shirts ($10 each plus fee). The whiteboards and T-shirts will be available for pickup after the workshop. We will bundle the whiteboards so you can carry them but a bundle of more than 6 may be heavier than you find comfortable to carry for more than a block or two. You can also buy whiteboards or T-shirts at the workshop, but you must have the exact amount of cash ($5 and $10 each, respectively).


We take photographs and record video of our workshops in order to publicize a positive image of science teaching, and of STEMteachersNYC – a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you register, you are agreeing to be photographed and to have your voice and image video-recorded. You are also agreeing to relinquish all your rights to the photographs and video recordings.

If you do not wish to be photographed or video-recorded, you must inform us when you check in at the beginning of the workshop. We will take one photograph of your face so that we can erase your image if we happen to catch it by chance during the workshop, and we will do our best to avoid you. We would also appreciate your cooperation in positioning yourself at the edge of the group so as to help us avoid you.