Led by Zhanna Glazenburg

Utilizing multiple representations helps students create a deeper and more thorough understanding of scientific concepts. When students build connections and explain their thinking using pictures, graphs, equations, and words they construct a much more profound understanding. Thus both Next Generation Science Standards and the redesigned College Board AP Biology, Chemistry & Physics standards place great importance on effective use and implementation of multiple representations of scientific concepts. The purpose of this workshop is to share some excellent strategies for incorporating multiple representation activities. This workshop will focus on how to integrate effectives strategies, and how to adjust current lessons and curriculum to authentically add in the use of multiple representations. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to engage in and review successful physical science examples. As well as, work in groups to practice designing their own multiple representation-informed models. Finally, participants will focus on reviewing and writing assessment questions (both formative and summative) aimed at using the multiple representation reasoning strategies as a way of illuminating student thinking and student understanding of concepts. High school physical science examples will be used in the workshop, however the strategies are highly applicable to any STEM educator grades 6-12.Pizza lunch for all at 1 pm!