Workshop Leaders: Donghong Sun and Larry Dukerich.

This workshop is intended for chemistry teachers who have begun to teach chemistry usingModeling Instruction™, a research-based, reformed pedagogy that is completely aligned with the eight Science & Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards:


After a debrief of their experiences teaching the core curriculum (units 1-9), participants will be guided through the development and application of the models underlying the content in the 2nd semester of a chemistry course. Topics include the internal structure of the atom, covalent bonding, intermolecular forces, equilibrium and acids and bases.

Through readings and discussion, the workshop also delves into cognitive research, pedagogical content knowledge, and the theoretical underpinnings of Models and Modeling that are essential to understanding Modeling Instruction as both a teaching practice and a teaching philosophy. References describing Modeling Instruction™ and documenting its effectiveness are available at <>