In this month’s Equity lab Working Group we discussed how teachers have the unique opportunity to guide students on their paths to becoming environmental problem-solvers and leaders. Also, we’re so excited to continue the discussion on Fresh Banana Leaves, and in the upcoming meeting on 12/6, we will discuss  Chapters 1-5. and the virtual curriculum share that is part of BLM at NYC Schools. Keep reading if you would like to get involved with this amazing initiative!

The Meeting About Fresh Banana Leaves,

Fresh Banana Leaves, Chapters 1-5: A quick summary of what this book is about:

•Indigenous environmental scientist Jessica Hernandez breaks down why western conservationism is failing, and offers Indigenous models that center the voices of Latin American women and land protectors.

• Hernandez contextualizes Indigenous environmental knowledge and proposes a vision of land stewardship that heals rather than displaces, that generates rather than destroys.

• She cites the restoration work of urban Indigenous people in Seattle; her family’s fight against ecoterrorism in Latin America; and holistic land management approaches of Indigenous groups across the continent as examples.

• Through case studies, historical overviews, and stories centering the voices and lived experiences of Indigenous Latin American women and land protectors, Hernandez makes the case that if we’re to recover the health of our planet–for everyone–we need to stop eco-colonialism ravaging Indigenous lands.

Microplastic Madness – A 2019 Student-Led Award Winning True Story

This year marks the anniversary of Microplastic Madness – a 2019 student-led award winning true story of 56 fifth graders from PS 15 (Red Hook Brooklyn) who took on plastic pollution in their communities, designed and implemented solutions, and became environmental problem-solvers and leaders. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are offering access to view the film until November 23. Don’t miss your chance to learn more about this inspiring story and get inspired for your own work in education!

Virtual Curriculum Share Held on 12/4

If you would like to present at this year’s virtual curriculum share that is part of BLM at NYC Schools, it will be held on Sunday Dec 4th. Presenters have the option of presenting at 11 am 2 pm or 4 pm that day. You can also join as a participant by registering in advance here. Let’s come together as a community and discuss ways in which we can create positive change in our schools through meaningful dialogue! 

Being involved with BLM at NYC Schools is an incredible way for teachers across New York City to make meaningful changes within their classrooms while guiding students on their paths towards becoming environmental problem-solvers and leaders. We hope you decide to take advantage of these amazing opportunities by submitting questions or concerns for the upcoming meeting about Fresh Banana Leaves, Chapters 1-5; watching Microplastic Madness; or presenting or joining as a participant for this year’s virtual curriculum share held on December 4th. Let’s come together as one big community and make positive change!

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