Dear Members,

We hope you’re having a great break! Here at STEMteachersNYC the summer of 2017 has been transformative — we’ve worked with 189 STEM teachers from across the country and world in physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. This summer we launched a new elementary science initiativeKid Talk Teacher Talk, saw the continuation of the Computer Modeling Physics First program, hosted a Modeling Leadership gathering to inspire a new cohort of modeling science leaders, and also launched the first ever Biology summer intensive.

As a first-time observer, I was struck by participant’s deep engagement with each other, and the development of unique communities of practice essential for cultivating transformative STEM teachers and students. Thanks to all our members and partners for making this a great summer season!

Below are some photos and videos that document this summer’s programs:

Computer Modeling Physics First Cohort – Summer 2017
Participants in STEMteachersNYC Mechanics Modeling, Eletricity and Magnetism and KT3 programs
KT3 Cohort – Summer 2017

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