Dear Fellow Teachers,

As 2019 comes to a close, I want to reflect on STEMteachersNYC’s eight years of life and thank the dedicated teachers who form our backbone.  When I think back to the 25 physics teachers seeking community who founded STEMteachersNYC in 2011, I am astounded at what we have become.  Today, our members and attendees are a dynamic group of over 3,500 teachers – 95% of members told us that they joined because they, too, were seeking community. This community needs your support to continue to thrive, and as the year-end approaches, I hope you will consider making a gift at https://stemteachersnyc.org/donate/ .  

The diversity of weekend workshop topics that your fellow members volunteer to lead is astounding and continues to grow.  This is no canned menu, but a living, breathing manifestation of innovation and best teaching practice that you VOLUNTEER to share with each other and spend your weekend hours attending. The devotion to your profession as leaders and workshop participants is remarkable and humbling.  Thank you.

I am also amazed at how our summer workshop topics have grown.  From Modeling Instruction in physics and chemistry we have branched out into modeling in general, biology, bio-engineering, engineering, MakerSpace culture, elementary science, earth science and other middle school topics, NGSS, computational thinking, standards-based grading, and more.  It is so gratifying when you as participants tell us that our workshops offer the best PD you have ever experienced, and we hear that every summer.

In 2020 we will continue to grow, through new programs, new ways to engage with the community, a new leader pathway, an initiative to incorporate computation and coding as an integral part of science teaching, a new STEM camp for middle school students, and lots more…  We look forward to having you grow with us! You continue to help make the community better by participating, through leadership, and as always, through donations, which help assure the vibrancy of this remarkable community of which you are a part. I do hope you will consider making a gift, of whatever size you can, at https://stemteachersnyc.org/donate/.

Thank you and all best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year.



Fernand Brunschwig, President