Led by​: Justin Gohde
Computer Science. Computational Thinking. STEAM. 3D Printing. Engineering. Spatial Reasoning…. Everyone agrees that these 21st Century Skills are vitally important, but how in the world can schools fit all of this “new” content into their already packed curriculum? This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to a promising solution: ​OpenSCAD, an easy-to-use and accessible open source 3D programming language. ​Participants will learn to use arithmetic, loops, decisions, and modules to quickly code a virtual 3D model that can be either 3D Printed or imported into most 3D/Virtual Reality applications. After quickly learning the basics, participants will work through a case study where they use a simple mechanical drawing as a guide to build to specification, design a physical interface for interlocking components, and apply the essential skills learned in the first part of the workshop. This workshop will present many resources that can easily be integrated into existing middle and high school Computer Science, Science, Math, Art, Design, Engineering, or Robotics curricula.  So educators join us for this fantastic opportunity to explore methods for teaching computational thinking in a STEAM-infused environment that actively engage students. So come give it a try!  No experience necessary.