Led by Manjula Nair and Pat Higgiston

Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Math – we know it’s a best practice, but it can be a challenging task to take on especially when teachers already have so much on their plate.  This workshop will highlight and simplify multiple ways to incorporate more problem based learning in your math class. Participants will engage in problem solving and small group discussion in student-mode to experience this method from the student point of view.  All the while, the instructors will model questioning techniques that encourage students to share ideas and build meaningful connections.

A segment of the workshop will also be spent in teacher mode to provide participants time to look at a variety of resources for PBL including curricula from Phillips Exeter Academy, The Park School of Baltimore, and lessons from the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service.  This will be followed by a discussion on how to choose problems that are engaging, and can be successfully implemented to foster authentic learning of key mathematical concepts and skills. If time allows, participants will learn how Standards Based Grading supports PBL and encourages a growth mindset in students, teachers, and families.