What kinds of feedback are helpful to students, and how can we best deliver it? This workshop will focus on developing ways to use Exit Tickets as the basis for a learning feedback cycle. Workshop leaders will share specific strategies from their own classrooms. Participants will first work in “student mode” and complete several Exit Tickets, which they will receive feedback on and use in parts of the workshop. Questions we will address include:

  • What tools do we have to make student thinking visible?
  • How can we effectively use Exit Tickets to assess student learning/understanding?
  • How can we use metacognitive reflection to solidify student learning and assess understanding?

All participants are asked to please bring in student work that they have either already given feedback on or are planning to give feedback on (Exit Tickets, classwork, small quizzes, etc.). Time will be provided for teachers to apply the ideas from the workshop to their own practice.

Led by Jesse Markowitz and David Clager

March 22, 2020 | 10am – 1pm