Professional Development

Evolution + Student Discourse = Student Engagement

Led by: Chris Resch and Glen Stuart Interested in learning how to raise the level of student discourse and reflection in your class? Are you tired of using grades as a motivating factor for promoting engagement? Want to learn some key strategies for getting students of all ability levels interested and engaged in your lesson?

Curriculum Development Camp

Led by Mark Schober Come build your Modeling or other Active Engagement teaching skills in a workshop designed to utilize your knowledge and experience. The principal goal of the workshop is to support you in editing or developing Modeling/active engagement-based curricula tailored to your teaching environment and needs. With the support of peers and Modeling experts,

Strategies for Teaching Science to ELL Students

Led by: Grisel Cordero and Meg Cassedy-Blum Come learn some excellent strategies to incorporate in your middle school science course that will be sure to help reach and meet your ELL students’ needs. 

Cultivating a Passion for Physics: Everyday Actions for Developing Your Students’ Physics Identity

In this workshop, learn how to help students construct a physics identity where they see themselves as physicists and grow their confidence in understanding its value and application in a variety of STEM fields.

Developing Metacognitive Skills Through Reflective Journaling in Science and Math Classes

Leaders: Kelly O’Shea and Chris Vicevich We want our students to do more than just apply a set of procedures. How do they develop the skills to be able to identify and solve new problems? Journal writing can help. Writing about one’s process makes reflection an explicit activity, gives students a chance to revisit a

“Whiteboard as a Verb” and “Expanding Your Resource Bank”

Leader: Patricia Bauer (Marymount School) Part 1: Whiteboard as a Verb: Whether you are a modeler or not, the benefits of whiteboarding are multitudinous.