Led by: Eric Walters

Interested in learning more about the engineering and design process and how to incorporate it into your curriculum?  Want to get your students involved with solving “real-world problems” utilizing this design process?   Great news: This workshop is designed to show how to infuse engineering, design thinking and entrepreneurship into your own curriculum.  As many of you know, NGSS’s Engineering Design standards state, students should be able to “ask questions and define problems …  to formulate, refine, and evaluate empirically testable questions and design problems using models and simulations.”

In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore this very aspect through some easy-to-employ design experiences.  Participants will develop a new “product” for a specific client by reimagining an existing product, follow the design thinking process from their initial concept to the final design, then pitch the product to their peers.  Attendees will also spend time identifying areas within their curriculum that naturally lead to incorporating more creativity, innovation and collaboration. So whether you teach elementary or high school students, come learn and experience how fun and easy it can be to incorporate engineering and design in your classroom.  Come with your ideas and an open mind!

Offer students “more opportunities for creativity, innovation and collaboration” as well as how to “identify problems or needs” because “the world needs students who are looking to make a difference.”

– author Nathan Barber