“I have been practicing this Modeling thing for a few years now but I want to take my skills to the next level.”

“I am having trouble adapting what I learned about Modeling to my lessons. I wish I had someone to get advice from.”

“How do I communicate what I am trying to do to my administration and parents?”

If you have ever asked any questions like these, you are not alone! Mentally adopting best practices is a hard first step. For the summer of 2020, STEMTeachersNYC is seeking a community of teachers who are interested in continued collaboration in a supportive environment for the important yet difficult next steps of execution and improvement. This group is open to alumni of previous introductory summer workshops who want to continue to: practice and sharpen the skills they have started to experiment with in class, grow and think deeply about those best practices, and collaborate and share resources. Participants will meet for three days over the summer to engage in discussions, exercises, and readings. Members of this group will also commit to meeting three times during the 2020-2021 school year to collaborate and share resources (dates TBD). Participants will:

  1. Bring examples of what has been successfully implemented in their classroom for a “show, tell, and demo.”
  2. Revisit notes and resources from previous workshops and continue to tailor them to their classroom needs.
  3. Refine and polish lessons that are “under construction” with the help of the workshop leader and colleagues.
  4. Explore new resources and engage in exercises designed to help develop and sharpen participants Socratic questioning skills in the classroom.

Objective: To bring together those who have taken an introductory modeling class in biology, chemistry, physics, or other STEM discipline so that we can support each other in continued growth. If many hands can make light work, imagine what many minds can do!

Led by Chris Resch and Joan Fei

July 20 – 22, 2020