Our eventual return to in-person school will create a start of a school year unlike any we have experienced previously.  While adjustments to the curriculum will need to happen, this will not be enough to get all students on the right track to meeting grade-level goals. Meeting our learners where they are after an extended period of remote learning will make a responsive approach to instruction more important than ever before. Two key aspects of preparing to teach responsively include deepening content knowledge and broadening instructional strategies.  Your knowledge of the subjects you teach and the progressions of how content and skills unfold can help you to facilitate the experiences your students need to succeed. This workshop will focus on major learning progressions in Elementary Science, Math, and Engineering and enhance your ability to facilitate student growth for all students, regardless of where they are on a learning progression. We invite you to join our Elementary STEM teacher community as we prepare for the year ahead!

July 7 – 9, 2020

Leaders: Amy Wish and Jason Sullivan