How can we leverage our curricula and standards to help our students understand Covid-19? Over the two sessions of this workshop, participants will develop and explore the use of a Biology-based simulation as a common platform for creating exemplar lessons uniting biology and computer science. The pandemic has affected almost every part of daily life, and students will benefit conceptually and emotionally from learning to manipulate the variables contributing to the way the virus behaves in our communities. Join us for a two-session workshop that uses Covid simulations to bridge multiple disciplines. Participants will use the break between sessions to “play” with the simulation and brainstorm integration within their own classroom setting. We will end with a share-out of adaptations for inclusion in your own settings.

Leaders: Kerry Kline, Greg Benedis Grab, Chris Resch and Saber Khan

Format and Dates: Two 1.5 Hour Sessions, 11/7 and 11/14 (10:00-11:30am EDT)