Tried & Tested Collaborative Whiteboard Tools – Student work from the virtual classroom. Effective collaboration among students in our virtual classrooms remains a challenge. In this workshop roundtable, four of our workshop teacher-leaders will share their favorite whiteboard tool, why they’ve chosen it, and share how they use it for collaborative work with their students, along with specific lesson connections and student work. We will look at iDroo, Explain Everything, and Jamboard and examples of student work and curricular connections, including Chemistry labs, Computer Science lessons, Living Systems and the modeling of natural phenomena (Biology) and others. Cameos will be made by additional STEM colleagues, with time to discuss participant questions about applications and adaptations. Join us and bring what you are working on!

Leaders: Joan Fei, Greg Benedis-Grab, Craig Buszka and Qiao Feng.

Postponed. Please check back here for additional information.