Black Box Mystery

Led by: Rony Yarden “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein Mysteries have challenged the best minds among scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, and adventurers since the beginning of time. Mysteries and curiosities have held their grip on human imagination and have contributed to the accomplishments of many great scientists. Since we

Investigative Science Learning Environments: Exploring NGSS-aligned Approaches to Teaching Physics

This workshop will explore the ISLE Approach of instruction in the STEM classroom and how to create an environment in which students can discover and learn physics for themselves.

Strategies for Teaching Science to ELL Students

Led by: Grisel Cordero and Meg Cassedy-Blum Come learn some excellent strategies to incorporate in your middle school science course that will be sure to help reach and meet your ELL students’ needs. 

Maker Science Forum

Led by Paul Bianchi Are you already integrating or soon to be engaging your students in engineering, robotics, or other related “maker” activities?  Either way you’ll want to attend our Maker Education Forum. 

Enliven Your Science Course With Tech!

Leader: Steve Lewis (Heschel School) Would you like to teach your students some real engineering and computer programming in the context of your science course? Here’s a great way to do it!

Push and Pull: Modeling STEM Strategies for the Early Elementary (K-3) Classroom

This workshop will explore a range of active STEM learning strategies for the early elementary classroom (K-3).