Design, Engineering and Maker Cultures

This workshop explores ways to infuse engineering, design thinking and affordable makerspace technologies into your curriculum.

Introduction to BioTechnology

In this workshop explore how biotechnology can be integrated into your living environment or life sciences curriculum.

Data Analysis and Linearization in Physics

Learn how to use data collection and linearization methods to guide students to physics principles and equations.

Computational Thinking & Coding in Physics

In this workshop you’ll learn how to use computational thinking in your classroom and get an introduction to the powerful, new Pyret language, a browser-based, state-of-the-art teaching vehicle.

Video Analysis in the Physics and Chemistry Classroom: Pivot Interactives and the NGSS

Learn how to use Pivot Interactives in the physics and chemistry classroom with developer Peter Bohacek and educator Craig Buszka.

Culturally Responsive STEM Teaching

In this workshop, explore various approaches to Culturally Responsive Teaching in the STEM classroom.