Upcoming Workshop

Cultivating a Passion for Physics: Everyday Actions for Developing Your Students’ Physics Identity

In this workshop, learn how to help students construct a physics identity where they see themselves as physicists and grow their confidence in understanding its value and application in a variety of STEM fields.

ELL in STEM: Language Support Strategies for Math and Science Teachers

Come learn some excellent strategies to incorporate in your science course that will be sure to help reach and meet your ELL students’ needs.

The Science of Sustainability: Modeling NGSS Strategies for Teaching Climate Change

In this workshop, explore student-centered strategies for exploring the complexity of climate change as well as potential solutions within the NGSS framework.

The Magic of Bar Modeling: Math Strategies for Elementary Teachers (Grades 2-5)

In this session, participants will learn about the basics of using bar models to help students solve complex word problems.

Culturally Responsive Meaning-making in STEM: How Do Our Students Decide What’s True?

In this workshop, participants will explore the intersection between culture and meaning-making in the secondary science classroom.

Explore with Vernier

join us in the Vernier laboratory for a three-hour exploration of the latest and greatest in probeware and data-collection technology, including our new Go Direct™ wireless sensors, and other new products just released!