Past Workshop

Enliven Your Science Course With Tech!

Leader: Steve Lewis (Heschel School) Would you like to teach your students some real engineering and computer programming in the context of your science course? Here’s a great way to do it!

Push and Pull: Modeling STEM Strategies for the Early Elementary (K-3) Classroom

This workshop will explore a range of active STEM learning strategies for the early elementary classroom (K-3).

Making Sense of the Gas Laws – Come Learn a Direct Route to Mastery

Leaders: Donghong Sun (Dept. of Chemistry, Columbia University) and Rachel Ward (Staten Island Academy) Do your students mix-up and struggle with the Gas Laws?

Workshop Brainstorm Party

Leader: Mark Schober (Trinity School) Do you have something you’d like to share? Would you like to lead a workshop? Come to this free session to cook up ideas for workshops!

Leveling up Your Labs: Injecting Rigor and Engagement into Classroom Experiments

Leader: Joshua Rutberg (physics teacher, Poly Prep) Participants in this workshop will learn about learning theories and strategies relevant to science classes.

Standards-Based Grading — Practical Strategies

Leaders: Elizabeth Dowdell (physics teacher, Urban Assembly Maker Academy, Manhattan)  Sarah Prendergast (math teacher, NYC iSchool) Standards-Based Grading (SBG) begins with standards that teachers author/choose/revise and that they apply in their classrooms.