The STEMteachersNYC Summer Institute is an annual gathering of STEM teachers from around the world who are dedicated to improving their practice and sharing with peers. This summer join STEMteachersNYC for a new kind of online professional development. We have re-envisioned our face-to-face workshops, prioritizing the building of relationships and community.

Our teacher-leaders have built on the essence of what makes our face-to-face workshops so effective, have brought in tools to address the new challenges of virtual teaching, and developed synchronous and asynchronous ways to leverage the unique advantages of the online environment. Our pedagogy-rich workshops dive deeply into topics which have immediate practical use in your planning and classroom teaching. Come learn how to integrate online engagement tools with pedagogical content knowledge using the newest, most relevant online instructional resources.


+ Earn CTLE Credits! (Continuing Teacher and Leadership Education)

+ Low-cost and high impact workshops for teachers and by teachers

+ Special Scholarship Opportunities 

+ Each workshop includes hands-on experiments and curriculum to use in your classroom

+ Ask your principal/admin to support your professional development.

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Talk with your principal or administrator about professional development funds to support your ticket to the Summer STEM Institute. Click the button to the right to request an Invoice for Purchase Order, and contact us for a letter template and flyer to show your principal!

Apply for a Scholarship

Apply for the STEMteachersNYC Excellence in STEM Teaching Award, a scholarship program to support the cost of professional development programs offered at this summer’s Institute. Deadline June 30, 2020.

Summer Institute 2020 Calendar

Note: The following are virtual workshops. Daily schedules will include both synchronous and asynchronous work, and include breaks. Agendas with specific times will be provided one week prior to the start of each workshop. Breaks and end times may be modified by the workshop leader(s) in response to the work and the needs of the participants.

Dimensions of Cultural Responsiveness in STEM
A comprehensive, multi-layered deep dive into Culturally Responsive Teaching, this 3-Day summer intensive workshop will build on STEMteachersNYC CRT Task Force programming and create a space for participants to work …
Unit Planning and Curriculum Development with NGSS
In this workshop we will be using all three dimensions of NGSS to design a coherent and conceptual unit plan that will foster enduring understanding of not only content but …
Seeing Science Everywhere + Computational Thinking!
This workshop will focus on ways to help children in the elementary grades (K-5) learn to ask and answer questions, make predictions, gather evidence, find patterns, and communicate their ideas. …
Growing Your Modeling Practice – Together! (HS)
“I have been practicing this Modeling thing for a few years now but I want to take my skills to the next level.” “I am having trouble adapting what I …
Elementary STEM Lab – Learning Progressions for Responsiveness in STEM
Our eventual return to in-person school will create a start of a school year unlike any we have experienced previously.  While adjustments to the curriculum will need to happen, this …
Introduction to Assessment & Standards Based Grading
This three-day workshop will guide you through the steps to set up your classes for standards-based grading. We will show you an incremental approach to implementing SBG principles, provide sample …
Advanced Assessment & Standards Based Grading
This year’s Advanced Assessment and Standards Based Grading workshop will be offered as a reunion option for returning alumni of prior year SBG summer workshops, teachers wanting to grow or …
Engineering Design for the Classroom (All grades)
“Science is the study of the world as it is; Engineering is the creation of the world of tomorrow” – Theodore von Karman. This two-day workshop is based on materials …
Flip Your Regents Physics & Chem Instruction! (HS)
Note: This workshop will be rescheduled to virtual format, dates to be announced mid-April. Are you looking to save time and streamline your Regents Physics instruction? Come learn about a …

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