Unit Planning and Curriculum Development with NGSS (K-12)

Leaders: Peter Davenport and Keeshia Lambert

Dates: Aug 8-10, 2022 (9:00-3:00pm EDT, via Zoom)

About the Workshop

In this workshop we will be using all three dimensions of NGSS to design a coherent and conceptual unit plan that will foster enduring understanding of not only content but the big ideas in science.

We will begin with an engineering challenge using household materials, and continue with a presentation of designs and leveraging of this shared experience to talk about the NGSS and the language of 3-dimensional teaching. What cross cutting concepts does this represent? What science skills did you use? In “student mode”, we will focus on providing a solid conceptual framework for content. In “teacher mode”, we will work on pedagogical strategies for managing an inquiry-based classroom, in which teachers act as facilitators of student discovery.

Building a Unit Planner – After getting more comfortable with the language of NGSS we will work in small groups to begin writing a statement of inquiry for a unit of study. Participants will continue to add to this unit planner each day.

Digging Deeper – Each day will also focus on specific science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts. Participants work on various hands-on learning experiences related to that day’s specific practice/concept and then infuse their experiences into their unit plan and later their lesson plans.

By the end of the workshop you will leave with a completed NGSS-aligned unit plan ready for implementation in your classroom as well as several lesson plans! The workshop is designed for new and ‘field changing’ science teachers, at any grade level (K-12), who use or plan on using the NGSS to inform their curriculum.

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